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How do I weave this kind of basket? Answered

What kind of basket is this, and how do I weave it? I'm interested because it seems like it would be an excellent outdoors skill!
There are two photos of what I think is the same basket weave style, but I may be wrong.


The green one is hexagonal plaiting but the old guy I think is doing twining.

Google Margret Mathewson. She's an ethnobotanist in Oregon or Northern California and has just the kind of info on her site you're looking for.

www.NativeTech.org is another good place to look.

Websearch on "basket weaving" should find plenty of instructions, and there's an Instructable or two... What are you looking for beyond that?

well, I was really looking for specific information on this weave pattern because it used only thin flat strips and no cord or cord like materials. I don't know what to research because I don't know what the name of this weave is :(

It's called "plating", flat weave baskets are plated.