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How do I wire a speed control with a a blinker using 110v indicator lights ? Answered

I have 15 110v  red indicator lights and need to light these one at a time using a speed control  and blinker control to simulate a heart beat. This monitor is the same that you can see in the Classic Monster Movie ,"The Bride of Frankenstein". Any help would be appreciated very much.?


You could possibly do it electro-mechanically.:
1. Glue 15 magnets semi-circle on one half of a non -metallic disc.
Counter-balance the disc by attaching weight on other side.

2. Attach the disc to a motor and use speed controller to
vary rotational speed of disc.

3. Place 15 reed switches in semi circle above rotating magnet disc.
Reed switches control power to lights.As magnets sweep
by the reed switches, the lights will turn on.
The semi-circle arrangement of magnets plus the
motor speed control is what would create the on/ff duty cycle
of the lights.
4. Consider running the lamps at half voltage ,since reed switches can't
handle a lot of current .

That sound like a mechanical timer on a washing machine. Interesting. Thanks for the pointing me in the right direction.

What do you mean by a "speed control" ? I don't see a motor ? Do you mean a flasher circuit, with a variable flash rate, and driving 110V bulbs ?

Yes thats exactly what I mean,Thank you. I need to make this give the appearance of a working heart monitor.

Well its more of a sweaping motion. As the curent sweeps the lights would light up ,kind of like the indicator needle on a VU Meter. If you have ever seen the 1934 Classic Bride of Frankenstein and the scene where Dr. Frankenstein is sitting at a table ,he has a human heart in a glass jar and a metering device hooked up to it . Each time the heart beats the meter lights up a series of lights as to indicate the strength of the heart beat.

If the lighthouse circuit is acceptable, substiture all the LEDs with MOC3041 optoisolators, and triacs.

This forum discusses the mains drive section


A suitable circuit is here.

If you use an LED in series with the one in the MOC3041, you can see what its SUPPOSED to be doing.

EASIER to use LEDs and a 4017

as here



http://www.bowdenshobbycircuits.info/page5.htm#4017-2.gif is a great diagram to get started with, and is only a few dollars in parts. Won't work for 110v without much bigger transistors or relays.