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How do I wire this motor and get it too work? Answered

 My dad got this old motor and I havent figured out how to wire it yet. so it would be nice if someone would explain it too me ^^


Can you perhaps upload a closer picture of the identity plate?

From the look of it "220v 50hz" tells me its a 3 phase ac motor. 

6 wires with 1 of them being yellow/green stripe tells me one is ground...

I googled "AC motor wiring diagram" and found lots - good luck!

 just press the little thing in the topp left corner > original file under the picture > press again if you whant super close ^^


Is the label itself blurred right under 1~...?

That makes me think Single phase...which doesn't make a lot of sense given the number of wires - unless some are for starting and running capacitors.

And I'm not sure if the ψ symbol means wye or delta configured coils...

 its the label itself. and I think its the factor cos (phi)

> I'm not sure if the ψ symbol means wye or delta configured coils...
.  I don't remember seeing psi used anywhere when dealing with electric motors.
.  Delta config is usually indicated by a triangle (surprise!) and Wye by a Y (bigger surprise!)
.  I'm guessing that "1~" = single phase (also, IIRC, 220/50 is nearly always 1ph)
.  Agree with 220V/50Hz.  Looks like it pulls 0.4 A (?@ full load (FLA)?)
.  IP54 indicates how weather-/dust-"proof" the housing is.
.  2600 RPM.
.  "uF 360" looks like a capacitor spec to me, but not sure.

It looks like a stepper motor hooked up to a linear actuator to me.

G00gle "stepper controller" or "stepper motor" for more info.

.  Search for a wiring diagram or schematic for your motor's model number.