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How do high heat burners work? Answered

I know there are various things to be considerred in design. Can anyone explain to me what each thing does? Id like to know about oil flow amount,air flow amount,the venturi,flared or or compressed outlet nozle,and the works...id like to know what makes a burner cause i need a high heat very low wear burner for melting iron.


If your interested in waste oil burners check this site out lots of useful information on the topic
Waste Oil Burner

Well, how much do you know? What are you using for a crucible or cupola lining? What skills do you have? What tools? Can you hydraulically press form a outlet nozzle or machine one on a lathe? Do you understand what I just asked ; ) ?

not a word bro..ive never built anything out of oil or anything...i want the hottest possible furnace. i can always tone down the nozle for lower metals then iron


Answer 9 years ago

and i have no press or lathe...i have acess to home depot tho....lol

Go to http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/ and start with the waste oil burners, then move on to the forum section. Look at the iron melting section and see what you need to have before you start, and IF you can get or make the same.

Can you make an iron smelter from Home Depot parts? Not really, the refractory alone would stop you, as would the crucible, shell, lifting tongs and pouring cradle (well, you could buy a welder and the iron, but you pay threw the nose). An oil burner you might be able to make, but most need propane preheat, an air compressor or blower (depending on which style) and a willingness to replace parts as they burn out.

You can't just 'turn down' an oil burner, they have a small range where they work so you have to build the burner to suit the application. Why don't you start with something easy, like etching your own pentium processor chips for a new computer? (Yes, I'm serious)

Search this site for "waste oil furnace" L