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How do i access a micro sd card on a tablet? Answered

I have a Samsung galaxy tablet 2 and i resently got a micro sd card so i could take photos with my digital camera and put the sd card into the tablet so i could get the photos off of them but i dont know how to directly access the cards content on my tablet.

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marathon51 (author)2014-08-09

Will this process also work on the newer Samsung Galaxy tab 4, tab pro and tab s?? I have been reading some reviews indicating that it may not be possible.

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crazyg (author)2013-10-08
  • find your folder explorer app thingy, it will be hidden away with all the other preinstalled apps programs u dont use often.look for an icon with a bunch of squares on it, that will show you all your apps programs
  • find the file you want to move, wherever it may be.
  • (there is some variance on different tablets here, i found out when my dad asked me the same question!) either tick the check box next to your desired file , or long press on it.
  • you may get a menu at the top of the page with 'new folder' 'copy' 'cut' or 'delete' icons, or a little menu in the middle of the screen(pictured) select cut or copy  depending if you want to move or duplicate.
  • (congrats the file is being held in your ram. )
  • goto the folder or location you would like the file to be.
  • then either press the paste icon at the op of the screen , or press the edit button giving that little menu in the middle of the screen again,
  • then select paste.
  • done :-)
i hope this helps

mine is a versus tablet , and my dads is a samsung. 

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Kiteman (author)2013-10-08

Click the "My Files" icon, then the micro card should something like "ext sdcard".

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rickharris (author)2013-10-07

Down load an app called ES file explorer - It should be free and will allow you full access to your device and the SD card.

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