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How do i ask a 6th/7th (I'm about to be a 7th grader) out on a date (F.Y.I I'm not to young)please help me? Answered



I remember those days. Some people don't realize that at that age a lot of kids now do go out on "dates". I'm an old guy but I still remember having a girlfriend in sixth grade and a lot of people did. It wasn't like "dating" with all the drama it was usually in the end just someone you liked being with. I would say that it is much less pressure to ask the person if they would like to meet someplace in a group type atmosphere doing an activity you would both enjoy. For instance maybe there is miniature golf or something like that near you. Skip asking on a "date" basis, and make it more about just going out and doing something fun with that person. If you end up liking each other than you will hang out more. If not then move on.

thank you for the advise i think it will be very useful for present and experiences in the future

Is it your first school dance?

Wait until you are both alone and ask.

If they say yes great.

If they say no there is nothing worse than being turned down in front of an audience.

And don't worry about being turned down it will happen sometime sooner or later.

Don't ask in front of friends they may say no because of pier pressure or they are just embarrassed.


If your about to be in 7th grade you are too young. Unless you've been held back in which case that person may be too young. Don't try to date so young. Why submit yourself to all that drama which ultimately ends badly. You have many years ahead of you to date and find that one special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Just stay friends and let it progress on it's own. Once you are both old enough to drive and go on dates without parental supervision then go for it.