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How do i become an admin on my school laptop? Answered



6 years ago

I have achieved this but I do not know if any triggers were alerted in the process and for the sake of keeping this method available, it shall stay secret.

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If you hack extra access on a school computer, you will get into serious trouble with the school administration, even if you don't use that access to break any other rules.

Public library computers will usually allow you to access any websites without any restrictions. If you are blocked at school, try your public library.

On the contrary, many public libraries have restrictions for those under 18/16. Ours blocks access to myspace to those under 16 without special permission. Not that anybody still uses myspace though :)

to author:
If you really need a laptop, there are definite possibilities for as little as $300. Then you can do whatever you want with it.

Your comment about access filters for underage library patrons is correct, but hmfoster lists his age as 20. Presumeably that would not be an issue for him/her.

The colleges I went to recently all had an assortment of access filters even though we were all adults. It was for various liability and bandwidth issues.

Well, yes, but if you are using someone else's computer, then you need to abide by their terms. Also, we don't know for sure that hmfoster put his real age. I know I didn't... privacy thing... I put younger than what I am, but I'm sure he could be 13 for all we know.

If you are on your own computer, then you don't have to abide to any terms, except for if you are using someone else's internet, in which case you will still have to abide by whatever terms they put, but that will normally be looser than using someone else's computer.

Besides, he's not asking how to bypass filters, he's asking how to become an admin. (He will probably bypass filters once he is an admin, but that's beside the point.)

Actually, you have age hidden anyways.... Theres not much of a persons age you can tell by their hand, if that even is your hand in the pic..

I know, but because I am rather forthcomming about my previous job with the government, for my own safety it is safer if there is as little true information about my personal facts... Even if you can't normally see it. There is only one other person on this site who knows who I am, and I have known him since grade school. The reason I don't give any real personal info (including that which is not seen), is that it is stored somewhere on the site in a database somewhere, and it would be easier to hack instructables.com and put little pieces of info together than it would be to get an accurate electronic trace on me.

Side note, you should use your tags like this:
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(HTML anyone?) ;)

Mustve been a rather... sensitive.. job. Either way, paranoia is ok :) Better to be a little paranoid than to risk the consequences.
Hmm.. never thought about hacking instructables.. Idk. But its not hard to get info from the interent- I recently found a page if email adresses that loaded to 25,000 before I exited. Found it in a random google search :)

Well not extremely sensitive for the job itself, but some of the stuff I worked with and built/helped design would be considered sensitive. :) And good luck finding any useful information on the net about someone who's specifically trying to hide... There's so much out there from people who don't care, that it actually makes it harder to find info if your trying to find someone. ;)

Oh... About the pic, that is not me. I would never use duct tape on a sound board... Gaff tape; yes. Duct tape; no.

(I don't think there is a real picture of me anywhere on the site... My paranoia coming through again) ;)

Well yes, that is understandable. Any location where there are children and others around, you are generally going to have filters :)

And actually, many libraries also use filters for adults as well. My first IT job was at a library managing their computers... I had some fun with that job! :)

It seems like there has to be some way to do this, especially if you've got physical access to the machine itself. 

Probably what this would entail is booting another operating system via a flash drive... if it would let you do that.   Or take the laptop's hard drive out, and attach it to a machine you control, then mount the drive in that operating system.

In either case, the goal is to find those files, on the laptop's hard drive,  related to access control, i.e. the list of users, the list of hashed passwords.  Then modify those files in such a way as to create an account with administrator access.

Then you reboot the original machine (putting the hard drive back in if necessary).  Then log into the new account you created, and if that succeeds, then that's what you wanted.

The trouble is, I have no idea how to do this with a Mac(r).  But you know, that's what the Internet is for.  Try searching for words like "mac password recovery", or "password recovery mac osx"  Or whatever the name of the OS that is running on your Mac(r) is. 

Regarding the other answerers  who say you could get in BIG, BIG, trouble for  hacking your school's laptop, well... they may be right about that. 

There is a way, and it is much easier than what you describe, but I will not tell him how to do it. (Although maybe they have fixed it since I've used it... The last time I used my method on a Mac was about a year ago...)

The issue shouldn't be "can I do it?" rather it should be "should I do it?".

Well I'm impressed, but I'm disappointed you don't want to share this knowledge.  You don't suppose anyone would use information like that to do anything bad.  

I mean gosh, TG, you're just so untrusting!

I know... it's terrible... right? Everyone on the internet has the purest intentions these days! I really should trust them! ;)

press escape while it is starting and guess administrative passwords when you get the screen asking for the password.

There is a way that you use CMD+S but it doesn't work on the school laptop. And it was my friend who wanted to know...

By asking your IT admin. If you have a legitimate reason, he will make you and admin, or do whatever you need admin access for for you. I hope that no one on this site will help you bypass restrictions set by your school for your own safety. (Not to mention that if you get caught, you get into big trouble.)

Get a job at the school as a Systems Administrator (or equivalent job titles).


If there is a good reason for you to have admin privileges your schools IT director, or whoever is in charge of the laptops, can give it to you. If you don't have a good reason that is exactly why you don't have admin rights.


6 years ago

The only way for a standard user account to be changed to an administrator account is by someone with an administrator account changing it to an administrator account. A normal user cannot change his own account to an administrator account.