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How do i change the RC frequencies? Answered

I have gotten a RC helicopter from a friend but it has no controller and the IC chip is soldered in and the frequency is 40Mhz . So I was wondering how I can change the frequencies from one controller so that I can use it on my helicopter.


If you can get a 40 MHz transmitter the transmitter and receiver is not exactly 40 MHz

A 40 MHz transmitter and receiver need to be tuned to each other one or the other will need an inductor or an adjusted capacitor adjusted so they will receive or send the right signal.

On this RC receiver it is the inductor in the box.

Use a nonferrous screwdriver or Alan key to adjust the ferrite core until it receives the signal from the transmitter. (Nonferrous is nonmagnetic, most tuning keys are made of plastic.)



Hello !

I have 40Mhz Tx and Rx (images attached). I tried to tune the Indicator while one of the command on (i.e Fwd, Bwd, L and R) but my car doesn't even move. I checked the voltage on the VDD and GND across RX-2 chip and its fine.

is there any other way to sync the Tx with Rx ? :)


2016-08-24 15.57.11.jpg2016-08-24 15.58.42.jpg

Hello Josehf Murchison !

thank you for the reply. I figured out that the transmitter is working fine but only when I colide the transmitter antenna wire with the antenna of the car or when both antenna are 1 inch apart from each other. any suggestion about this issue :) ???

That can be a week transmitter amp a week receiver amp or the frequency is close just not close enough.

oh I understand. I used following instructable to boost the range of transmitter but I guess the problem might be in receiver.


I have two helicopter.but i have only one remote. both helicopters are 40Mhz. That remote is work for only one helicopter.. what is the wrong??

What model and brand? May be able to use any 5 or 6 channel hobby remote.

it is a Dongguan jiayi S006 Alloy Shark. I think that's that's brand.