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How do i connect bypass diodes to my series/parallel PV panel? Answered

I have 20 solar cells of 0.45V at 100mA i have connected the first string in series so this will give 1.8V at 100mA with 5 strings horizontally this total of my PV is 1.8V at 500mA my question is how do i connect bypass diode to this it is a 4x5 panel at 180*130 a diagram will be great thanks



By[ass diodes? What do you need to bypass?

If you mean protection diodes so that power from a battery doesn't push back into the panel and destroy the cells than all you need is a single diode on the main cable coming from the panel.

i am just analysing the I-V curve to see different parts of shade therefore i need to know how to connect the bypass diodes to my series/parallel PV panel to show comparison

i hope the drawing help just want to know if this is correct

Untitled 2.png

Just keep in mind the voltage drop across each diode. The more diodes you have on the panel the less voltage you'll get out of them.

how shall i connect these diodes also im using schotkky r46