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How do i connect my laptop to my schools wireless? Answered

i do alotta computer work for some teachers and i use my own computer for it, and it would be alot easier if i could connect to my schools wireless net but its a secure net. is there anyway to connect? if u suggest hacking it then plz tell me how.



8 years ago

Not only will hacking get you kicked out of school, it probably wont work. If your school uses any web filtering software, then you will need to know additional settings, because it will usually reside on a server between the internet and the computer. If your school is like most schools, they keep network logs, so if you do hack in, they'll be able to trace it. Talk to your schools IT department. They can set up the settings for you. However, depending on how/who you ask, they might refuse to setup the connection.

Again,Onion router.

i would talk to some one but the only problem is that we dont really have an it department, the "IT" lady doesnt know how to turn the high contrast off of a computer then know anything bout there net so idk what to do

On the other hand, that might work to your advantage. You could just ask, Do yuou mind if i connect my laptop to the internet at school? or something like that.

You will most likely need to know your laptop's MAC (hardware) address. It's a set of six hexadecimal bytes (e.g., "00:7A:5C:..."). On a Windows box, you can find it through the Network or Devices control panel; on a Mac, go to Preferences->Network->AirPort->Advanced->Ethernet. Then ask your teacher if you can talk with the school's IT person. They'll register your MAC address with the network (so it allows you in), and they can give you the password, if any, for you to connect. If you school doesn't allow that kind of access, you are out of luck (and hacking in will lead to more severe consequences than you probably realize).

Thats were onion router comes in.after that you just need to make your (firefox) browser annonymous. i think you just put $sys$ in front of the name.do that and your in!9onion router IS safe to instal.

You will need to connect by Ethernet first add the workgroup and then enter the username & password to connect to the fully to the workgroup. I'm afraid I can't recall the rest but that will get you on the internet, Try asking to get your laptop ghosted by IT, most will do it but if they don't then I can only suggest using a 3G dongle.