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How do i design my own tattoo and try it on by making a pretend one just to see what it will look like? Answered


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killerjackalopeBest Answer (author)2009-06-23

Draw it out, draft and redraft it until you're happy with it, then copy it on to yourself daily for a month or two, check you actually like it, or just do it once and don't wash... I've nearly ended up with several bad tattoos, get opinions on it...

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lemonie (author)lydwatters2009-07-02

Did you see the recent instructable on this?
A biro is a ballpoint pen (named after Lazlo Biro)


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J@50n (author)2009-06-30

hey check out my instructable i got up on how to make fake tattoos it will work awesome!!!!!

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DELETED_GuardianFox (author)2009-06-23

You can buy temporary tattoo "paper"(film) and draw on it with colored markers or put it in your printer.

It's not often cheap, and it's sometimes hard to find... but you can wear it for a few days and scrub it off when you're done. If you're going to use your printer, you will have to buy tattoo film designed for inkjet printers or tattoo film designed for laser printers, depending on what type of printer you have... and I can't stress that enough. DO NOT USE THE WRONG KIND OF FILM IN YOUR PRINTER. There's a broken $5,000 photocopier out there that I'm still paying for...

As for places to find it? Well some hobby shops, especially those dealing with RC models, carry it. It's used to apply printed decals to model planes and cars. Some tattoo parlors will have it too, as some tattoo artists use it for the same reason you're looking for it. Another place to look is of course EBay.

If you are forced to buy a few sheets, remember that it's useful also for applying decals to wood, plastic, and some metals... and they can be made permanent by applying a coat of clear sealer on top.

The second idea is of course to get a henna tattoo done. A lot of tattoo parlors will do henna as well. It's lasts a little longer (in my experience) than a temporary stick-on tattoo, but it's still not permanent and great for tryouts.

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I meant to choose yours as the best answer lol I accidentally clicked on the other one...I think I'll do the henna tattoo.

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mikeasaurus (author)2009-06-23
I like the marker idea to draw it on yourself, however what if the tattoo was on your back?

Why not try this method first:
  • Digitize your image
  • take photo of your self with location of tattoo as region of interest (eg. photo of chest if tattoo is to be on your chest)
  • bring both files into photo editing software (PS or GIMP)
  • remove background from digitized tattoo
  • place tattoo over body

No mess, endless possibilities, most realistic results!
(really though, it's not worth it. Stick with old fashion scars, there's never a question of your credibility with real body damage!)

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