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How do i draw on lycra? Answered

I wonna make an R2D2 bathing suit
I would buy a white bathing suit and paint on the shapes.
Would permanent marker work? i don't want to use fabric paint which will become crusty and won't allow the suit to stretch properly.

Help is appreciated :D



Best Answer 7 years ago

you should honestly stretch the bathing suit over a sheet of card board (like they do when you are buying a bathing suit from the store) and then you one of two things the easy thing is use a fabric marker the more complex thing (and it might be even cooler) but get a navy blue swim suit then use a "bleach pen" (you can search for those online) or you could just use a paint brush with bleach and just bleach out the parts you need to be white

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7 years ago

Just a reminder, there is a make-a-swimsuit contest coming up so i would not submit this just yet

To effectively draw on the stretchy material it needs to be stretched tight - either over a card body - or even someone wearing the swim suit.

Fabric markers would be best although you may not get a deep black.

I have on T shirts used a batik technique and draw an outline of the pattern to prevent the dye running then using fabric dye direct from the bottle painted inside the wax lines. You then set the dye and with absorbent paper iron out the wax. the rest washes out.

HOWEVER you would need to experiment to see how Lycra works - Batik is a very fiddly process.

Cute design. You'll get lots of attention from us SF fans; it isn't especially revealing but it suggests you're someone we can talk to without feeling too bashful. I *might* suggest that you use a different design for the back than the front, both to better replicate R2 and because the way that design lands around the buttocks is somewhat unfortunate.

Unfortunately, I can't help with the question other than to suggest hitting fabric-arts websites. "If it happens, it must be possible"; businesses do print onto swimsuit fabric, so there must be something which will either adhere or soak in (or both) well enough.

In fact, websearch for "paint lycra" finds some suggestions.

Have fun. Post an Instructable!

yeah, it is rather akward around the bum :P
thx for pointing that out

I'll def post the finished result n how i got there


Generally the lycra comes from the factory printed in that pattern, or it is meticulously sewn into the suit shape out of many smaller pieces of a simpler pattern.

you could use fabric markers, I've seen those in art/craft stores, though i'm not sure if they'd come in the shades you'd need.