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How do i lock my longboard to a bike rack? Answered


I just hide mine or carry it with me. If you want to lock it to something though, just get a chain style lock and loop it around one of your trucks in the most complicated way possible so that there is no room to try to "untie" it. Its kind impractical to lock it to something considering how light a longboard is...

If you don't want to risk getting the trucks/board stolen (depends on which is locked) you could always make sure the screws are nice and tight around the board, and then tack (weld) the bolts to the screws... They probly wouldn't ever come off though.................

do not weld.. Put some hot glue around the nuts and bolts and then paint them a metally color so they think its welded.. hole throgh front of board for bike lock....

You need a "hole" to put a lock through. In order of increasing difficulty (and increasing desirability):

  • Drill a hole through the end of your board, large enough to thread a bike-lock through.
  • Weld a loop or U-bolt to the trucks of the board.
  • Construct a clamp - two flat strips of metal, with a hole drilled at each end. Put a padlock through the holes at one end, then sandwich the strips around the middle of your board and padlock the other. Thread a bike-lock through one (or both) of the padlocks. When you make it, take lots of photos and create an instructable.

Only trouble is they could unscrew the truck its locked to with the lesser options - nothing short of attaching direct to the board will keep all but the most desperate thieves at bay.

. Most thieves aren't going to take the time and effort to disassemble anything for a relatively low-priced item like a skateboard. If they are willing to go to that much trouble, they will probably just cut the chain or lock. . True, if a thief is determined, it's almost impossible to stop them, but making it just a little bit difficult will usually send most of them looking for easier pickings. . If we were talking about a Ferrari ...

I just scoff at when people lock up their mountain bike by its quick release front rim only. At least if its not quick release, they need wrenches - and a wrenchy thief would not have a problem with any clamps around just the trucks - once the truck is off the cable slips free, and you're unlocked.