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How do i make a device like this? Answered

Please type this in at youtube japanese scientists create touchable holograms i would like to make something similar to that got any ideas.


Here's the scientific paper, in SIGGRAPH 2009 proceedings. Read it, and see if you can reproduce their result. That's what science is about.

As such the idea of remote sensing touch isn't new - several years ago I went to Hull university to see their experiments in remote viewing and manipulation.

Looking at a hologram projected onto a glass plate with my hand underneath grasping a sort of x,y,z pen - I could "touch" the holographic object and have a sense of pressure feedback as well as being able to tell if the surface was hard or soft to touch.

Quite weird.

Ok I took the time to look - Your not going to be able to do it. Unless you have some manufacturing facility and skills far above the norm that required you to ask the question in the first place. see here


Best suggestion I've got: Do a library search and see if the team which created that has published a paper describing their setup.

The sense of "touch" created by the device is from focused sound waves which create the sensation of pressure at exactly where the hologram is floating in front of you. Rather ingenious.

Please type this in at youtube japanese scientists create touchable holograms, then copy and paste the link here so we know what you're talking about.



6 years ago

I find this a contradiction of terms !
How can it be a hologram if you can touch it !!
Star Trek may be the holo suite.
I have swung my hand through a holo..
I suppose if the mind thinks it's real then it is real...