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How do i make a "Book of Fire"? Answered

also called a "burning book", i saw this trick in a chem class once. the prof took a book off his shelf, plopped it open to some pages in the middle, then turned the page, making sure it rubbed along the page underneath (presumably for friction), then the pages burst into flame. really, the air slightly above the pages was the burning component, because he then slammed the book shut and CAREFULLY reopened it to the same pages to show they were undamaged. i can't figure out quite how it's done.


definately alcohol or something similar (water salt and alcohol mixture is how I've seen it done, the trick is also done with £20 notes and alcohol (really neat pub trick!). But you also need to make sure that your ignition source doesn't burn for too long or too hot (as it may damage the "unburnable" paper! also if using money, be careful its not plastic!)

small sheets of flash paper, and small amounts of alcohol?