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How do i make a tricycle move on a track with battery power? Answered

I do not know anything about engineering, but I want to make a tricycle move, by battery driven motor, on a track. We are thinking that something along the lines of a childs battery operated ride on train would be the route to go and it includes a decent size track, but are unsure if there is a better, cheaper, or easier way that we should do this. No, this is not for a child, it is for a halloween decoration. Any relatively simple answers or a point in the right direction would be helpful.


Its a animatronic evil clown we have on a tricycle. My husband wants it to move on itws own. He came up with putting a motor on a tricycle and have it run on a track. Lol I voted just to put it on the train, but he doesn't think it would be creepy enough (think Saw IV). We thought a kids ride-on train would have enough power to move the weight. A small scale train would not and the track would be so low it would jump the track too easily.

Why a tricycle? You complicate things a bit with a 3 wheeled vehicle. Don't know of many large train set but adapting a Power Wheels to a home made track may be the way to go. You can find them used everywhere so check ebay if its a bit to pricey to buy a new one. 


I agree... I'm a little confused by the tricycle / train.