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How do i make extreme firecracker that will do REALLY BIG BOOM? Answered

I found a store in nearby that selling fertilizers and stuff for pyrotechniks, So i dont think there will be a problem of getting the ingridients i need. I want it very very loud and i will explain it to you why: In israel, we celebrate purim by wearing custums and disguise and of course using firecrackers, you need to understand somthing, there is a "law", somthing "between the lines" that the more boom your firecracker made, the more respect it is! meaning the more you enjoy and love purim, so in purim, childrens (13+) and adults are going to buy firecrackers and try to "show off" to their friands that they celebrating purim and using firecrackers. As you guys understand I dont want it to fly, or makes colors , sing or dance. My plane and wish is that it will go BOOM, and i mean it, and the bigger Boom it makes, it's the better!! I already have expirience about making firecrackers and explosives so no worry about the safety thing. P.S sorry if it was too long, i just wanted to give you the prespective and the feeling of the most happy holiday in the jewish religion and colture :D

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lobo_pal (author)2009-06-29

You could make a dry ice bomb out of a water bottle, or try something from my instructable. I would suggest the zinc explosive. Here's the link


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HAL2.0 (author)2009-03-07

Lets not go IED with this one.
But use a Gator Aid bottle. More boom less Bomb!!!

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coolpizzadude (author)2009-02-20

fill a 2l soda bottle 2/3 the way with blackpowder just be very careful.

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