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How do i remotely track if a planted tree is alive or not? Answered

Remotely i need to track/monitor if planted trees are alive or not, growing or not. So could you tell some parameters/characteristics of living trees like pH level of soil, moisture level, voltage across it when tree is alive. & required electronic sensors, technology for remote tracking/monitoring. 




1 year ago

Other then you studied Arduino what is your experience and skill set ?

Be sure to click the pic to see the whole image !


Thanks! Yeah I am learning Arduino.


1 year ago

So at night you flash a RED LED then a Green (GRN) LED at dense tree foliage and measure 12 throw away the highest and lowest and divide by 10 which in my instruments I move the decimal left one character to get you an average reflected intensity.. The RED / GRN ratio tells you a great deal about green plants and tree leaves..

Including dead or alive.. Mind you deciduous trees loose leaves in the fall and regrow in the spring..

The next is when you send the data and how to avoid the same frequency signals from garbling combined signals at the receiver..

The best system is a non-polled arrangement to send data and how to overcome background RF noise.. If interested ask..

Thanks for this info! but could you please explain more on measurement part? some links, diagrams would be helpful

You will want to decide how often to test each tree and how many days before sending collected data and maybe temperature...

As of now not a specific tree. It could be any tree. So the problem statement is many people plant trees under CSR activities but Tracking/monitoring is difficult. Specially at remote places. Thats why I am looking at generalize characteristics of living trees.

"Problem statement"? So this is homework?

What about a remote webcam?

so the condition is I can't have web cam. Otherwise I was also thinking for the image processing

Use near IR to check if the foilage is alive usinga modified webcam.

hey thanks a lot! Yes I want to track them at remote site.