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How do i sharpen a Bowie Knife? Because of the bow in the middle of the knife.? Answered

I recently bought a Tanto Bowie knife over ebay, and I am wondering how you would sharpen it without doing any damage. I've been collecting knives since i was around 5years of age, and I am pretty skilled at sharpening knives, I will pick up very quickly on how to do this.

Picture of knife will be displayed below in a link


I have sharpened a couple bowies in my life. I have found that a diamond sharping rod works best in the curve. But that's only my opinion.

perhaps with a leather hassock? (belt you'd use to sharpen a straight razor)

hmm yes, but they are pretty expensive lol

I'm not 100% sure on it, but wouldn't any length of tanned leather work?

mm yes it would, but leather is used to shine the edge of the sharpen, to take off any bad surfaces left buy the stone or steel