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How do i stay entertained on a camping trip? Answered

i'm really not a outdoorish person, but ive been dragged  along to another camping trip. i'd perfer it to be a 1-person thing, and i'm only alwoded to bring media-capturing devices in terms of Electronics. no cellphones may be out at the time. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

hiking, fishing, canoeing, star gazing, swimming (if warm), cards, games, sight seeing with binoculars, meaningful conversations...


8 years ago

well first... be there... seriously. Like others have said do the activities. Give it a try. Just like your veggies, you may like them.  

Second, yes bring the deck of cards, but know a few games.  There are several variations of solitare.  Don't be bashfull with the others there.  A campfire round of poker is common.  Other games are as well if your in a group that may frown on poker.  Basically, anytime you're all sitting, feel free to just ask, "Round of cards anyone?"  

Also, when around the fire.  Ask if anyone knows any stories.  Not just ghost stories, but tales of the frontier days and of campfires past.  Just ask. 

 If your host has specifically allowed cameras and camcorders, why not bring a change of batteries and a giant storage card and take pictures of everything you see?

(Tip: On a point-and-shoot camera, keep the flash turned off unless: A. you're a professional photographer or B. it's too dark to see your hand in front of your face.)

Buy a knife and print out some instructables on whittling?

Try to enjoy doing what the other people are doing.  You might find some enjoyment in it and if not then remember that it's only for a little while.

Learn to be still and just listen to nature. There is infinite variety to be discovered.