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How do i upload a video from youtube? Answered

When I do it says upload thumbnail image, Please help.




Best Answer 7 years ago

On your instructable or video, there should be a filmstrip button off to the right. When you click on this button, it prompts you to paste in your embed code (which can be found on the video's youtube page). Then you should be able to submit your video. If for some reason it's not working, you should fill out a bug report and include your browser and operating system information.

thanks but whats a thumbnail image, It says i need to upload one??

A thumbnail image is a picture that shows what the video is about. Normally it does it for you automatically from the first 5 seconds or so of the video, but if not you can also select one manually from your youtube account from anywhere in your video.


thanks i went to fill out a bug report and i saw embed video problems and figured out i need to use the old embed code thanks you get best answer!!!