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How do make I light doodles? Answered

i was wondering how to make light doodles like the ones in coldplay's lovers in japan music video. please i would really like to know how so can some one explain it to me?
when i say light doodles i mean something like the picture i have in the text




8 years ago

 you can use any flash light, your camera just needs to have an exposure time.  set the exposure to longest possible and sit in a room with NO lights. turn on you flashlight and start "doodling".  use a lighter if you want, anything with light.

The ones with orange are lighters and the ones with purple is flashlight....

DSCF1230.jpgDSCF1460.JPGDSCF1244.JPGDSCF1461.JPGwarming heart.JPG

Here's a great Instructable.

You need a camera with an extremely slow shutter speed option. Make sure the room is dark, press the button and start drawing. You have a limited amount of time, depending upon what camera you use.

and how dark the room is and how bright your "light stick" is. Good luck and post some somewher and link us to them.