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How do thin client "computers" connect to their servers/computers? Answered

I want to buy some thin clients for my home but I can not find the "Acess card", does anybody know the name for it? I think it is called an access card but when I search it, it doesnt come up with anything.


a thin client uses network card with network boot (boot from lan) support. this support is an extra chip n the card with some software saved in it the bios in the computer is configured to start from the netcard the network boot software starts from the chip and then looks over the network for the real operating system maybe you mean this netcard with network boot support

Most traditional thing clients come with a network interface card built in and is commonly known as an ethernet connection. clients and server are conected together with cables and hubs or switches. (unless you do it wirelessly). the thin clints interact with the server by sending messages back and forth over the cable. No cable(medium) no network via a protocol known as tcpip.

Caveat emptor on buying used thin clients on the net. If you go to a reputable dealer, thin clients should have everything you need except the server.Also all thin clients are not alike. some can work as regular pcs and some not. They are basically a dumb terminal. Support for the rdp protocol will help you the most for units that do not work as a pc.

but not as dumb, which is why they have a different name, according to a magazine about linux, on setting up thin clients