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How do u get passed a block at school? Answered

Plz help me. i want to get on smashbeats at school bt the computers blocked it for streaming videos. some1 PLZ PLZ help me get around it


See if your school blocks command prompt if not skip this next part, open up NotePad type in command.com and save it as cmd.bat if you can save it, good, if not, then you school is intent on not letting you do much on the computers and you screwed. Open up the command prompt or the document you just saved, which is pretty much an access to the command prompt, and type in ping google.com (or whatever website you want to see) and wait for it to finish. The first line of what it outputs will be Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data: what is important is what is in the sqare brackets, an IP address. Type the ip address into the address bar of your browser and it wont be blocked!
It seems a lot of work but its not in reality.
Hope this helps!
Please tell me how it goes.

Saying "PLZ" three times wont help you at all. If you cant wait to go home and listen, then you should really wait, its not like " OMGZ I CANTZ LISTEN TO SMASHBEATZ AT SCHOOL! WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAERN?!!?!?!"

First you get decent grades, so that when you graduate you can be hired into a well-paying job (fresh-out-of-school adults looking for work are often filtered based on their grades by hiring managers).

Once you've got that well-paying job, you save money from your paycheck each month, until you can afford to purchase a smartphone with 4G capability, along with an "unlimited" data plan.

Then you can used that separate 4G connection to access streaming video without going through your school or workplace firewalls.

I think you go about putting forth a sincere effort in trying to get good grades in the hopes of a teacher putting in a good recommendation for you in a school of higher learning. From there, maybe go on to get a degree in computer technology or related field. And in your spare time while goofing off at work, write an app that could bypass the school filters and hawk it on unsuspecting users in need of such app. Make so much money to keep you in expensive Mochachino lattes for the rest of your life so that you can go back to your school and approach the principal/headmaster and say,"See, it's a good thing that smashbeats is blocked at school otherwise I would still be living at home just listening to smashbeats." Carry on.