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How do you add leather sent to men's cologne? Answered

 I saw a cologne, Vertical, by Victoria's Secret, and saw one of the ingredients was suede, how do you add 'sued' to a cologne. Preferably using Kiteman's method.   



Best Answer 8 years ago

Very few of the ingredients in cologne and perfume are the actual things.  They are chemicals blended to imitate the real thing.

So you have to find or buy a chemical that smells like what you want.  You can buy them online.

Or you could find a piece of leather that you really like the smell of and grind it up then soak it in alcohol to release the essential oils.  But you may not like what you end up with since what you smell is a combination of all that is released and what you capture may not be the same blend.

Too true. Extracting volatiles is a tricky proposition, as some components may be soluble in water, some in oil, some in alcohol, etc. Much easier to go to the car wash and buy a bottle of "Leather Upholstery" or "New Car Smell"....


8 years ago