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How do you align an old big screen TV? Answered

I have one of those old, 90's big screen TVs, but the lenses are out of alignment so it is literally painful on the eyes to watch at times. Anybody know (or have a link to) how to align the lenses? (It's not so important to me that I want to pay a pro to do it, but I haven't gotten rid of it yet in case it could be done). Thanks!


Some of them you do it thru the original remote, some of them have buttons actual tv under a panel. You'll need to know the make and model.

I will have to check make & model when I get home (I'm at work right now). I don't think the convergence feature fixes it, because when we used that, it would align in some parts of the screen but not others (like the mirror was off-angle, not just out of alignment. Thinking about it, it seems almost like distortion (so I hope there isn't a problem with one of the lenses itself).


9 years ago

Most of the old projection TV's allowed you to realign the light guns through the menu on screen. Look for the word 'Convergence' in the video or set up portion of the menu. Some even let you do it using the front panel buttons if you don't have the original remote control. Some of them allow for a simple cross-hair alignment in the middle of the screen and some gave access to a more advanced cross-hatch across the entire screen letting you adjust each intersection individually. What is the make and model? And do you still have the original remote control?