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How do you ask a girl out? Answered

We are both currently in hugh school and I have known her for almost 3 months. I really like her and want to ask her out, but I am not sure how to do it. I haven't seen her outside of school yet so I am not sure if I want to say "Wanna hang out this Saturday?" or "Will you go out with me this Saturday?". Which way should I go? I want to ask her later today.


dude, the girl likes you so go for it girls don't like to wait do it i should i'm a girl

Ok dude, if ou want the girl do as is say. if your at school or ou call on her and your going to call on some other friends or whatever when your walking start the conversation say whatever you like telling a joke would be good nothing racist or offensive though the just say "so anyway i wa wondering if you wanted to go to catch a movie some time?2 or whatever you wanna do and if she says as in a date? say yes girls love confident men!!!!! GOOD LUCK MAN!!!!! Hope i helped

Definitely just ask her to hang out. Then you can get to her more personally when she isn't performing the social role of a student. Then if things are good, just say "Hey, do you want to be my girlfriend." Or something...

ok to cheesy dude. you never just walk up to a girl and say that you have start the conversation of like something like this: so how have you been, or what you up to. then you say: so ayway i was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie sometime? and if the girl says something like as in a date. and this is so important!!! say yes!!!! girls love confident men!!!!!

Speaking form a girls point of view read the signs clearly. if she likes you she tends to smile and laugh a lot when she's with you. Look for signals if they're there ask her out. Never mention girlfriend on the first date! thematterhatter is so right you willl scare her off! try doing something original on the first date, dinner and a movie might be to ordinary you want your date to be memorable. At the same time don't over do it an over the top date will come off wrong. just be your self if she doesn't like you her loss. GOOD LUCK!!

So dude i need help bad... Ilike this girl so much. But i have a few problems: i get really nervous even thinking about this stuff, she my best fried and im worried ill ruin the friendship, my friend likes her aswell!!!! And me and my friend were both planning to ask her out at the school french trip!!!!!! Help me out bro!!!!!

Do you have a ride? Take her to the movies and see Star Trek or some new movie thats coming out. She'll say yes. Behave your self, dont try to sexually assault her during the movie or youll never see her again. Start off small, baby steps. You mention "Girl Friend" too soon and you'll scare her. Date her for about 1 month or so and see what she says.

that totally depends on the type of girl.