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How do you attach the stepper motor shaft to the rotor axle? Answered

I have two small stepper motors from a dot matrix printer that was being thrown away.  I have a wind mill ready to go but cannot figure a way to attach my 3/8 rod to the stepper motor shaft.  Any suggestions?



Here is one quick example of using an universal mounting hub to attach something to a smooth stepper motor shaft.


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6 years ago

Yep, the shaft couplers did the trick. Sorry the response comes two years later. Dot matrix printers are very reliable sources of power as long as you do not plan to rectify them. I was getting between 30 and 40W in the wind by the river here in Senegal and am presently living in Ivory Coast where the wind is dismal and so I am switching gears to water wheels on the same concept. Of the two motors in the printer, the one that advances the paper produces the most electricity with the slowest RPMs but is too rigid to move unless you fasten to some really large blades. But all printers have two motors. And the one used to move the ink plotter across the page produces power with just a quick flick with the fingers and lights a 3v LED with no problem in moderate wind. That was enough power to put a charge (full) on my cell phone (using the existing charger because it has its own rectifier) after 6 hours of wind (I am only guessing how consistent since I did it overnight from the balcony). I can post a video of my first attempt (prior to couplers) in front of a fan. Thanks Seandogue.


8 years ago

Thank you Seandogue. Lots of good information here.  I will look at the couplers and plastic housing ideas.  I am able to produce enough to charge three cell phones simultaneously but the motor shaft eventually breaks of the threaded rod that is turning in the wind. 

I am designing this unit for people living off grid who do not own any electrical appliances other than a hand radio, a light bulb,  and a cell phone.

Thanks again


Would a stepper motor be suitable as a generator?

I consider that a question answered.

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