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How do you change the lights on the bottom of the tank? Answered

I noticed there's instructions on a coffee table aquarium. I'm interested in building one for my goldfish carp. When I saw the way it was done, I had a few questions to ask. Such as, how do you change the bulbs to the lights since they're on the bottom of the tank, zip tied to the shelf, and are facing away from you? How do you gravel vac the bottom when you need to do a water change?

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frollard (author)2009-07-27

These questions are best suited to the specific instructable you are referring to - sign up for an account, and leave your questions in the comments on that ible! That said, a coffee table aquarium probably has led lighting, which rarely 'burns out' and will outlast the table. Cleaning can be a pain I imagine - you'd need to have a good biological system going in there to help decompose it, perhaps a magnet that can stir up the bottom so the filter will deal with the water-borne waste.

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frollard (author)frollard2009-07-27

Okay, looked up the likely culprit:


it's not permanently assembled; if the light burns out, you simply cut the zip ties and replace the fluorescent unit.

When it comes time to clean, you have to disassemble the table to reach the water.

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