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How do you chew parsley and which type should I get? Answered

I'm thinking of buying a small parsley plant for my room to add some oxygen and scent to my room. I've heard you could also chew on Parsley leaves as they freshen your breath, is this true? If so how do you go about doing this? Do you just rip a leaf off wash it off and then start chewing it? Also which type of seed should I buy?
-Burpee Parsley Extra Curled Dwarf Seed
-Burpee Parsley Single Italian Plain-Leafed Seed
-Start Smart 1-Gram Parsley Italian Seed
Also Can you write how to take care of Parsley? Thanks


You can eat any kind you like including the stalks.

in reasonable compost it shouldn't need fertiliser. You can put a liquid feed in the water - Water from a jug to wet the soil use ordinary garden soil or a bought potting compost.

Pick your own variety I go to the supermarket and buy a live plant to keep on the windowsill same with basil.

Water when it feels dry, Be patient because the seeds take some time to germinate - It should last 2 years because the plant is a biennial. Plant inside in late Feb.

How often should I add the fertilizer? I'll be using a water based brand called Miricale grow, also do I just add drops to the water or do I just measure my tablespoons?

follow the manufacturers instructions - Usually a few drops per watering.


6 years ago

Also how often do I fertilize it? I'll be using Miricle Grow being sprayed by a spray bottle, also what type of dirt should I use?