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How do you clean the glue off of a 2 litire soda bottle? Answered

I want to make the "Victorian Domed Glass Display Case" from Dadcando.com, but am unable to clean the glue off of my 2 litre bottle, Please help.


Soda bottles are made of PET (polyester) which can take a variety of solvents without damage. If you don't want to wait the two hours of the excellent margarine suggestion, use either white spirit or thinners (cellulose paint thinner. Depending on which glue has been used either one of these will give you a clean bottle. Yes and only use a soft cloth or preferably a kitchen tissue to do the cleaning.

Actually, PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate, not polyester, which is a fabric commonly used for clothing

Err, actually PET or polyethylene terephthalate IS a polyester, which is a class of polymers that have an ester group in their main functional chain. PET is also used in fabric manufacture. Check out some more facts here, materials https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyester or in any degree level materials handbook

  • Apply thin layer over glue.
  • Leave to sit for a few hours.
  • Use paper towel to wipe off as much of the gummy glue-margarine-amalgam as will easily come.
  • Use hot soapy water and fresh paper towel to wash off remainder of gluey residue.

Any vegetable oil will also work, as will peanut butter. I've been cleaning a lot of bottles for various crafts ('Ibles to come, sooner or later), and I've found that margarine is the easiest of these for applying directly to the bottle's surface and staying in place during the "sit a few hours" resting/working period.

Finally a great use for margarine! I hope it works.

I've heard it can also be tasty spread on toast. :)

and heaped along with spoonfuls of sugar on oatmeal....

Yes, but oh so unhealthy. I use real butter or I can't believe it not butter a soy product.

true I suppose. But it's one of the few unhealthy things I eat. I prefer the taste of salted oleo to butter. in everything except *some cookies and *some cooked dishes.

I keep two margarines on hand: the $2.79/lb heart-healthy all-canola-oil margarine for human consumption, and the $0.69/lb soy, palm and "other tropical oils" margarine for glue removal. On the one hand it seems like going overboard to buy icky glue residue its very own margarine, but on the other hand - hey, it was 69 cents. :)

I'm a die-hard "Country Crock" user. I don't use it much on veggies, (I prefer them with just salt and sometimes pepper) but I do like it very much on bread and in hot cereals, or for making stove-top noodles or McMacnCheese. Oh, how I wish I had a fresh loaf of Italian bread right now...I could wolf down half of it slathered with margarine just for breakfast (or lunch, since I see it's almost noon). yum! I guess I'll settle for another cup of coffee and a PB&J; on packaged bread. :/


8 years ago


Did Re-design's suggestion work (which one)? - I'd like to know 'cos it's generally impossible to do and leave a clean finish.


i have not tried yet, but I am planing on using EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION so as to make sure that is is completely clean

We'd like an instuctable I think?


well I would anyway

what, the display case, of the goo removal?

Both I suppose. L

will do, as soon as i am done with my supertopsecret ultracool functional steampunk project


8 years ago

pour hot water on it

Have you tried alcohol, mineral spirits, "goo-gone", clean motor oil and last but not least useful creamy peanut butter. Some of these try to dissolve the glue and some of these try to get in between the glue and the bottle and break the bonds. Good luck.

Carefully scrape off as much glue as you can before you start trying the removal substances.

For least plastic-scratching results, soak in hot soapy water to soften glue first, and use nothing harder than your fingernails or a plastic "scrubbie" to do the scraping.

wow, thanks, that glue doesn't stand a chance! >:)