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How do you create an ebook with flipping pages for free? Answered

I would like to create an ebook with animated flipping pages for free, and if possible, without downloading any new software. Is there a site available that does this for you? Thanks.


 Well, what are you trying to make? An actual device, or something like an eCard, viewed on a computer?

If you are trying to build an actual device, thats a challenge. Animated flipping pages would be next to impossible because of how slow eInk screens are. You'd have to get all the individual parts, make an OS, etc. etc. etc. On the other hand, a web based or eBook computer program would be much easier. Like stephanniall suggested, you could use flash, which probably has much more potential than an html based eBook.

Expand a little bit, it'll help us help you!

Id use macromedia flash Or find a free alternative

OR you could do a html sheet with a picture of the curled page at the end of th e page with a ifmouseover command then turn different color then create that a hyperlink and make a template

The physical "book", or something like a PowerPoint presentation?