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How do you create text to speech module for arduino? Answered

I have a clock project, and I want a voice feature in it like it says the time by voice. how would I do that? There are some arduino shields available that can do this for me; however if I had to create one of my own, how would I do it?

Do I have to cascade it on a strip board? If I do then what components do I need? and would cascading be cheaper than buying the arduino shield?

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-02-02

You will want something like the Wave Shield. You will need to record everything the clock could possibly say. Store each and every word as a separate audio file on the SD card. Then the Arduino will be able to call up each file as needed. Your code will need to reference the time and break it down by number then call up the appropriate audio file to be played.

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Bam Boy (author)mpilchfamily2013-02-09

How many analog and digital pins do you think would be needed. I want to store some voices in the SD card and play it through a speaker. I want to integrate it with a clock so that at every hour, it plays the recorded voice.
So how many analog and digital pins would be needed on Arduino UNO as I have limited amount of pins at the moment.

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mpilchfamily (author)Bam Boy2013-02-09

Have a look at the Wave shield and see how it all works. In the FAQ you'll find your answer.


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