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How do you darn a sock? Answered

i have a ton of socks with holes in them and i was  wondering if darning them would be an easier and/or cheaper than buying new socks.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well I've darned a sock before....you have to run the thread back and forth and then when you have a bunch of little lines going up and down, then you have to start from the other side and go parallel and weave over and under, its kinda not worth the hassle of it, but in the end it looks awesome, and it can be a fun little project if you have the spare time, heres a website that simplifies the proccess :) hope I've helped you.



Seandogue bows to you. I've never had the patience to do it the way you do (which appears to me much more accurately "darning" than what I do.


haha thanks man :) yea it does take a little while to do....but with a little patience, you can get some really cool looking socks :P other people will be jealous  


8 years ago

 Sell it's soul.

Well, it's a bit like damning a sock, but gentler ;-)

Darning a sock is sewing it. So when you get a hole in the toe or heal, you sew it. Because the foot is sensitive to little imperfections, you darn it by trying to minimize the amount of irritant you produce during the sewing....try to make it smooth..I only darn toes because even a little bump in the heel makes me want to rip the sock off.

Me too, but sometimes you have to grit your teeth and wear 'em anyway.

One thing that you can do in a pinch is turn them over. Makes for a hole on top of the foot, but ime it's better than walking around on a cold day with a hole on the bottom of the sock.