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How do you down load pdf plans for woodworking projects? Answered

I am a member, I am signed in.  When I select Download PDF for plans, I get a window that asks me if I want to join Instructables.  I've already joined and I am in the website.  If I hit sign in, it takes me to the home page, I do a search on the project, get to the project, select download pdf plans, and again the window pops up asking me if I want to join Instructables. I can never get to the plan that I want to download.  How do you download a pdf from this website?


You have to be paying member to get PDF access. All the PDF is is a printable version of the webpages. Links to plans or software need to be downloaded separately.

Steve, thanks. I appreciate it

also if you post an instructable and it gets featured you get a 3 month PRO membership which allows you to download .PDFs