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How do you extract a CD burner diode from inside the case? Answered

This is for the popular burning laser project. Doe's anyone know an easy way to get the light out? Thanks in advance


oh also look up the instructable "Laser Flashlight Hack!!" by kipkay

I will figure that out this weekend ot home. Date 12-18-10 Saturda, ok if you need anything just email me at zcbml.a.kava@live.com And my name is riley E-mail me

I see a few misconceptions here that I think need to be addressed. Any laser Diode that emits IR is much more dangerous for your eyes. because your eyes cannot see it (or see less of what is actually there!) This tricks your eyes into staying open and not blinking or contracting properly for protection. basically it's like having your eyes dilated (what they do naturally in a dark room) via chemicals then staring into the sun. If you must venture into the realm of IR don't do it without rated eye protection or some sort of IR sensitive camera to be the middle-man. Quite a few camera-phones can detect this IR and let me tell you once you see it you will inderstand why your eyes have a faint tingle when looking into it. If it can illuminate a room in pitch black when viewed from a digital camera you need to realize your normal eyes are perceiving this as darkness and taking in as much as they can. DVD burners are better to use because it is about 640nm. but be careful as there are usually 2 diodes, and the other is the IR CD-burner!

A CD burner diode is most often IR, infrared. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared_light Here is a good description of it. A IR laser diode is not what you wanna play with, so unless it's an old PS2 that you're pulling apart, I wouldn't recommend it.

Aside from that, there should be screws around the outside of the case, remove them. What ever you do next, have it disconnected from all power sources. Then, pry apart where ever possible, and unscrew everything else. The laser diode should actually look like a tiny camera, this is what you're looking for.
This are both by Kipkay, and are great things to do with laser diodes.

From what I read it would appear that all lasers emit infra-red light, but we can see it. further more it would appear as if lasers only emit as much light as night vision goggles which you wear right next to your head. So I don't think there would be much damage, but I admire you enthusiasm to help.

Hmm, from what I know, yes, most lasers emit infra-red light along with the visible light but you still can't see it. And depending upon what type of night vision goggles you are referring to, but even if they are the same level of light, imagine that but focussed into a single small beam. This is like having normal sunlight shining on the ground, but when a magnifying glass is used to focus it at a single point then it is much stronger, even though it's put into a much smaller area. Overall, all lasers, don't point at eyes. IR lasers, best not to play with because you can't see the beam and you don't know where it's going.

Laser flashlight hack is BS hooking a laser diode directly to batteries will burn out the diode insantly.

I don't know the exact science and specifications behind laser diodes, but depending on what diode I believe you could hook it up and it would run fine.

hi well DONT USE CD BURNER DIODES, if you point it at you eye you could become blinded, use a dvd WRITER well i am having trouble also trying to get the diode out

it would matter what LASER you use they will all fry your eyes... some just do it faster. anyway answer the question taking the laser diode out of the cd case itself is pretty easy just remove the screws and pop it open, however if u mean taking the diode itself out of its case i wouldn't recommend it most crystal laser diode like those found in cd drive don't produce a laser beam that is uniformed but they spread out but the lens of the assembly corrects this effect

Duh. Maybe you should not point it in peoples eyes. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Please keep your comments positive and not rude. Might be simple but how is it that so many people playing around with this stuff get hurt or blinded?