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How do you fix red ring of death for good ? Answered

Hey guys I'm having troubles with my Xbox 360 I have fixed it 3 times already and got it to work every time but it only lasts about a month. The first 2 times I fixed it I cleaned all the shtuff off it and that was it the last time I did it I moved the heat sync over top of the GPU or CPU... one of the 2! So if you can help me in any way id be very grateful! Additional Info: It is an XBOX 360 arcade,past warranty, AND PISSING ME OFF!

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normai15 (author)2009-09-20
The Ideanator (author)2009-09-06

Permanently? get rid of it, that always works. But seriously, you should try casemodding, and/or maybe hack up some peltier coolers while you're at it.

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