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How do you get all the lotion or soap out of a pump dispenser? Answered

I don't know how much soap and lotion I've wasted because it doesn't all come out the pump. Sure you can turn it upside down, then take the lid off when you want to use it, but have you ever tried it? It gets messy - and how do you put the lid back on while holding the stuff???



lol i added a piece of aquarium air pump tubing to the dispenser pump tube. if its too small heat it slightly with a lighter and twist it on.

if you want to use the soap to the last bit dont empty the pump jus move it to the new bottle fill some water in the existing bottle and mix and you have some more soap overall its greener to use stick soap (you can make it into liquid soap yourself in small amounts) if ou want to clean the pump to use for something else - take it apart and wash