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How do you get blutooth onto your printer and how to use it? Answered

i want to print pics from my phone and i need something free. i really need to know how to use the software too


Get them onto your computer, print from there. What connectivity does your phone (and computer) have?


my "tower" does not have a memory card drive

It was what your tower does have that I was interested in. Can you cable the phone to USB for example?


i know you are trying to help and all, but can you just tell me how to get bluetooth for free?

I can't help you there. Do you know anyone who's got a Bluetooth device that they might give you for free?


no but my teacher has bluetooth on her computer and i want to get pics onto my computer using it. i dont need anything that costs anything

Well you need a device, a BlueTooth device it seems. I can't help you to get one for free, and no one else has tried to answer this.
People might say craiglist to you, but I don't have anything better, sorry.