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How do you get paint to adher to a concrete verandah? Answered

My home has a large varandah that is smooth concrete and it looked poor so I bought special paving paint but it peeled off pretty quickly. I used steam to clean surface and a wire brush to make sure that the paint would have the best chance of adherring but it did not work. The paint began peeling within a few weeks.


A stain like Vyger mentioned is a good bet.
When we painted the lines of our concrete basketball court we had to use acid to etch the surface first. I suspect the process should be: etch, seal, paint.


5 years ago

If I recall correctly I think part of the problem is moisture moving through the wall. Often basement walls are moist due to some of the moisture moving through the cement and evaporating on the surface, which in turn draws more moisture through the cement. Because of the moisture coming up underneath the paint it cannot stick to the wall. I think there are sealers that you can use but like I said my memory is not to clear on it. I would Google it and see what you can find recommended by the companies that make the stuff to counter the problem.

And another thought you might try a stain rather than a paint.