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How do you get past school blocked web sites? Answered

get past school blocked web sites to get on youtube,facebook,and myspace?



8 years ago

I think this might be one of the most frequently asked questions I have seen at Instructables.
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You're probably right Burf.

I usually suggest, for these questions, that the subject wait until after school hours, go home, and all the blocked sites are magically un-blocked!

 In case you need a bit of encouragement...

Consider that there may be someone in your the IT department bored enough or paranoid enough to have the computer keep a record of everything you type, visit, and view.

Would you mind if someone emailed this record to your parents?

Actually, from someone named nobodyinparticular, that sounds like a kinda fitting response.

Those sites are blocked for a reason. You're at school to learn, not waste bandwidth on inane activities like Facebook. You have all day to do that crap, why can't you refrain from it for just a few hours?

Besides, your real friends, if their friends at all should be there at school with you, you can see them in person, rather that their digital proxies.

(Sorry for sounding old)

hotspot shield works better than ultra surf but u have to install it

I am definitely not responsible for any problems arising from using my suggestions to your question.

however i do suggest proxy websites, google it. Google answers everything, and it looks like a cookie monster today YAY.

I am not responsible for anything that happens to you, or your school curriculum.

What I am about to tell you WILL most likely get you in huge trouble.


it is like a proxy but hidden

And one of the most common answers is "you don't". If anyone knows they will be doing it at your school, so ask around there.