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How do you get surface scratches out of marble or granite? Answered

An electrician worked at the house and put his 5 gal. pail of tools on the tub surround and put scratches on the polished surface.
The marble co. says they have to send a 2 man team to fix it,obviously that would be very expensive.
Any suggestions to avoid the expense I don't need right now?


Rub some bee's wax into it. The wax will fill them in If the scratches arent deep,

Well, the electrician *should have put down cardboard or some other protective surface atop the marble before depositing tools, 5 gallon buckets or otherwise...Technically, he or she is liable for the damage.

The marble will either need to be filled or repolished.

Burf has some good  advise there with sealing it temporarily. Perhaps ask the marble company for a short term solution, explaining that you cannot aford the expeense of a true repair but want to avoid doing further damage until such time as you can afford to have them come out and do it right. They will probably know the best course of action for treage. (sp)


8 years ago

have you talked to the electrician about  it? I'd be so  ripped.


8 years ago

Your best bet as an interim fix is to get a good quality stone sealer, specific to the type and color of  the stone. Clean the scratches thoroughly, and apply the sealer per manufacturers instructions. Check with floor and bath tile dealers for the sealer.
This won't remove the scratches, they will be less noticeable but more importantly,  it will prevent staining which  may not be possible to remove even with extensive grinding and polishing.
After sealing, minor surface scratches can be polished out at a later date.