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How do you get the "snap" buttons off of a Mead Trapper Keeper? Answered

I have a broken, old Mead Trapper Keeper that has a snap system for closure. I want to take these buttons off of it somehow to use on one of my projects, such as a clutch or a purse or something. I am stumped on how to take them off though. Has anyone done this, or can anyone tell me what to do, or how to remove these?

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Burf (author)2013-01-31

I can't tell for certain from the images but they appear to be the magnetic type snaps. If so, they are quite easy to remove.
On the backside of each piece of the snap, there are two metal tabs bent over to secure the piece in place. Remove the material covering the back exposing the snap; straighten the taps and pull piece out from the front.

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Jessie Marie (author)Burf2013-02-04

Thanks so much! I will try this.

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