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How do you install a bicycle generator to your wheel to power monkeylectric bike lights? Answered

On Monkeylectric website under (FAQ) said the monkeylectric lights can be powered from the energy of the spinning wheel by using a bicycle Hub-integrated generator.  How do you install a Huh-integrated generator to your bicycle to power the monkeylectric lights and what parts do you need?  Also is a Hub-integrated generator the same as a Hub-generator?



7 years ago

if i was tryin 2 bulid one from scratch on an budget say £100 .00 , and lets say i want 2 use an car generator what would i need ???????

Probably the same. The generator is built into the hub of the wheel so that as it turns it generates electricity. You have to change the hub of your wheel or buy the complete unit. It's not an "add-on" type of thing.

Easiest 'addon' would be add a bunch of coils to the moving portion of the wheel, and put powerful magnets on the fork -- thus turning the wheel into a permanent magnet generator rotor.

I would put a ring of coils on the fork to negate the need for a commutator and a bunch of magnets on the spokes.

uhh....the monkeylight goes on the spokes...does it not? I wanted to generate the power ON the wheel to make that work -- I might be thinking of another product. Either way, yes, put the generator on the side you need the power :)

Okay, did not do the research on the monkeylight. So your way would be proper.