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How do you know if you have a learning disability if you can't afford to get tested but have problems with learning? Answered

I can't use math just for the sake of solving a problem anymore. I can't write a great first draft. Doing things in a sequence is nearly impossible and I get confused following multiple steps. I didn't have these problems before but when I lost the use of my dominant hand for seven months I can't seem to do anything like I used to. Everything has gotten much harder and I don't know why.


Ok, well. I don't know much in this field, but what I do know is that your hands and your brain are oddly connected. It could be that, since it was seven months (what did you do?), you had to write with your other hand, and therefore your brain would've been trying to change all it's motor controls from the one side to the other. Remember, the dominant hand means that the opposite side of the brain controls movement and that stuff. So, it could be that, and I'm just guessing here, chances are I'm way off, like I said, I don't know much in things to do with the brain, that as your brain was beginning to move your thinking and movement to different sides than before, your hand got better (I'm going to assume you started reusing your dominant hand right away), and your brain just got really confused, and it will most likely sort itself out. After all, has anyone heard of a learning disorder just, randomly developing? My older brother had ADHD, but he grew out of it. So, if you just wait, it might get back to normal. But, either way, save up some money and get tested, just in case. Well, remember, you're probably fine, just in a state of 'transition'. Best of luck!

I agree you should talk with a doctor. If your doctor can't find anything, though, you should still be able to receive a free learning disability evaluation through the school district.

If you find yourself pumped about doing something and all that it involves and without any clue you latter put it on the side and let it pile as many other thing do also, this could be a greater sign that you do have an attention span and deficit disorder problem and this could be relevant for any age or gender

Talk to one of your teachers. Ask them to help.


9 years ago

Sounds like a medical issue, you should see a doctor.

Why would you need a test to tell you that? - Seems you are aware that you have a learning disability. If youd really like to name your disability after some official diagnose then there are tons of online tests and you can find information on how different disabilities are diagnosed online aswell.