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How do you know if you have set a Oxy acetylene torch up correctly? Answered

Im just wanting to cut a piece of flat steel and im wondering what to look for when setting the flame up on an oxy torch.Some people say until the feather is gone or until you have a blue triangle flame that is sticking an inch out. Im unsure.


it may also depend what you have your regulators set at on your tanks. for some reason, I want to say 10 acetylene , 50 oxygen or 15 acetylene and 60 oxygen is a standard setting (though I may be completely wrong). You will want to fire up the acetylene so it is feathering but the flame is not running off of the cutting tip ( flame not separated from the tip) and then adding oxygen until you just get the single blue cones. After that you should be ready to cut steel as long as you know how to. For more information, I would do as carrntedd suggest and check out some of the related instrucables listed in the related section to get more info from people who put in a lot more time than I did in writing this answer (hey... just being honest) cheers

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