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How do you lower the center of gravity in a car? Answered

I got a geo tracker (sort of) and they are really prone to fliping due to its high center of gravity. How would I lower it?


There was a 4x4 in the UK that proved to be top-heavy, turning over if you cornered sharply at 40mph. The design fix was to widen the wheel-base, and I think some people tried that themselves, fitting wider wheels on wheel extensions.

Is that the same model that had to have the normal, in every car anti-roll suspension taken out in order to get it to do so on camera?

probably! some journo pushed one of these past the normal limits while playing on a race track and then pushed it harder and harder to get a story. If they had driven the way they did with another car it woulkd have probably spun out. I've owned Suzuk 4x4's for over ten years now and they are great little vehicles, both on road and off- if you roll one over sideways then you were driving like an idiot. And yes I have had one on two wheels- and guess what I was driving like an idiot at the time- but I've taken care never to do it again! One tip though. Every time I take mine to the garage they pump the tyres up to about 36 psi - " because that's what they do to all 4x4s" - trouble is the suzis are really light and the recommended tyre pressure (on standard tyres) on them is really low (26 all round on my Jimny, 20 on a 413 not sure on the Vitara like iin the picture). So when the tyres are pumped up too hard the handling becomes atrocious with the car cutting in on bends and feeling really unstable when it does so. Check what the MANUAL (not the idiot at the garage) says and keep your tyre pressures to that and she'll handle a whole lot better. Why on earth would you want to buy a 4x4 and then lower it? Buy a road vehicle instead if you want to drive too fast around corners or get used to driving your vehicle to suit the way it was designed.

I have no idea. It was the one that a neighbour turned over in his slightly-steep drive, though. Suzuki?

This is a pretty specific question, I suggest you look around for aftermarket parts for your particular car. It is possible you could find a lowered suspension for that vehicle already made.

Or, I suppose, you could anchor some steel plates or other heavy weight low in the vehicle. Make sure it's REALLY well anchored in place so it doesn't become an additional hazard if/when you get in an accident -- bolts through the floor, or something like that. Of course if you simply drive more slowly/more carefully, especially in slippery conditions or heavy winds, you will also greatly reduce your risk of a rollover. Probably more than anything else you can do short of replacing the vehicle.

It would involve getting all the weight as low as you can. You could lower the suspension. There might be new springs and such for the suspension that can do that. Smaller / low profile tires would help drop it down. If there is a bunch of room under the seats where you sit, there may be a way of dropping them so there is no room below them. also if you take off the top or canopy (unsure what they are called on trackers). Or if you have some friends with big booty's that'll help lower it all too. good luck