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How do you make Astro Pops? Answered

I am looking for a recipe for lollipops like Astro Pops.  Long-lasting, dense lollipops that get a little pliable when eaten.  thanks!



5 years ago

Thank you! Please keep me posted if you have any revelations. I can't find a recipe anywhere! It's got to be a little bit different than regular suckers. Thanks! Lisa

Astro pops... interesting. I remember licking them to a super sharp point and stabbing my sister with these... candy + weapon = awesome. I'm thinking the recipe will be pretty basic, almost equal parts sugar and corn syrup, red, yellow and green or blue and red food colouring. But you'd have to pour the hot sugar into the wrapper, wait til it sets, then follow with the other two colours.. and the wrapper would be the mold so youd need to make something to hold the wrappers and hot sugar... but yes, yes, it could work, yessss, I will work on this!