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How do you make a Sterling engine with cans? Answered

I saw a video of one before and have my doubts as to whether it was even authentic. Is it really possible?



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Do a search over on MAKE Magazine or on Google. You need to spell your search term correctly -- it's "Stirling" with an "i", not an "e".
The very first hit is the PDF you are asking for.

Please remember...GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.

instructable available!

Let me try to rephrase. You claim above "Instructable available!". Can you substantiate your claim with an link to the I'ble which you state is available? I have in fact conducted the appropriate search and reported the (inapplicable) results. If you can't substatiate your claim, why are you making it?

I have seen instructables on sterling engines, I thought that the question was about said mechanical process and the question related to that process rather than a specific model using defined parts. I was mistaken about the specific model, having seen several models utilizing tin cans in various web browsing expeditions. In my mind, the process is more important that the specific parts used (as stated below-perhaps you missed it?).

Link, please? A search for "Stirling engine" (correctly spelled) in I'bles only results in four hits. The first is just a video, and the second doesn't use cans for the hot-and-cold reservoirs.

Ah, no deviation from instructions allowed. Got it, can't help you, don't speeky language...; )

The goal of this new Answers system is to directly and specifically respond to the user's Question. Paying attention to what they asked is an important part of acheiving that goal.

So rather than using old tech (like the search function) you ask someone to do it for you. And if you don't get exactly what you want, complain. That's fine, hope it works for you. Me, I thought this site was for learning how to do things and how to improvise with what you have. Silly me. Oh, if you haven't noticed, there are quite a few misspellings here-trying for content keywords works better (can, tin can, improvised, heat engine, flame eater, coffee cup...).

And in case you hadn't noticed, I did post a successful search result which directly addressed the original user's question.

Me, I thought clicking on the "Answer It!" link meant that the person doing the clicking actually had useful information to contribute to the questioner. Silly me.

So suggesting that someone use the search function is not useful?