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How do you make a VGA-hooked LCD display 1:1? Answered

I have a nice big LCD monitor I want to use for my projector, but since it is currently hooked up via VGA cabling, I'm not sure if I can make it only use a part of the LCD for display. I have tried PowerStrip, but I can't seem to get it to take my custom resolutions properly. I want it to display 1024x768 on a 1280x1024 screen, but my monitor always says out of range!


Do you mean you only want to display 1024/768, but ON a 1280/1024? So it looks like a stamp on an envelope ? 


Seconded.  Run the monitor at its native resolution, and mask the output to give you the correct shape.  Convince the output program to think it's outputting on the wrong size screen so that it scales properly.

Yes that's what I want, but how?

You see, I want to build a projector using this and my overhead, but the overhead can only use 14" of space horizontally. My monitor always scales everything to fit the entire 19"

Find the smallest hi def monitor you can :(  You really want a big overhead and a small lcd.

Otherwise, you're forced to run the monitor in natural resolution, then have your media program scale the video down.  It's no ideal I know.

You want the monitor driven at what it will do, and I read that it will do 1280x1024.
You want the display set to 1024x768.
I'm thinking these aren't quite configured right - LCD hardware at 1280x1024, screen output from OS at 1024x768.